Rent a car in Lahore was once a dream for many if we talk about early 90’s because of less technology and lack of facilities in different eras of life. We started this business with a passion to serve the people of Lahore in this field with quality of service and low fares. If we compare about today’s car rental system is as easy just abc and we can manage it just as on our cell phone or smart phone to know about the activity and location of the driver and the vehicle itself. In early 90’s it was considered as a great risk to rent out a car with driver also because of this luxury facility was very rare for the people to avail.

faiz rent a car lahore without driver

Many people ask for car rental without driver, our answer is yes , we have the facility to provide you but why you should take this risk if we have well trained staff fully acknowledged with the routes of Punjab with valid driving license etc. We provide this facility to people all over Pakistan to avail car rental service without driver with very low fares and new models with valid warranty or person’s testimony. We have all insured cars with neat and clean atmosphere. We don’t offer just car rental services but we provide a complete solution to your transport need for offices, wedding ceremonies and events.

Faiz Rent a car Lahore provides latest models of car and buses without driver also. We offer Honda, Corolla, BMW, Mercedes, GLI, XLI, Cultus and Mehran for picnic, Tourism, Pick and drop, Airport Transfer as well as for the personal use of anyone. We offer also latest models of Buses like Daewoo, Nissan and APV on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. We provide rent a car Lahore without driver transport service for universities, Executives, Schools Trips, Holiday travel, Wedding, Ceremonies, events and Airport Pick N drop.

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